That quote in the headline just struck me as relevant as we hunker down again for another COVID wave and are debating how to spend our money during the holidays.

Question to lead off the week.

What gifts are you asking for or recommending in the category of improving fitness, health, happiness, productivity or impact?


I’ve been dancing around this somewhat complicated concept of flow and then yesterday I called it one of my core values. You want to experience flow states because they are deeply satisfying. Spending more time in flow is something I optimize for over nearly everything else.

What is flow?

There are some very…

And Joe said, “I’ve got something he can never have.”
And I said, “What on earth could that be, Joe?”
And Joe said, “The knowledge that I’ve got enough.”

From a poem by Kurt Vonnegut about Joe Heller

Life gets simpler when you know your values.

This is from Simon Ash’s Unlock your values to make better decisions.

Coach Tony

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