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Issue #7: injury, when/how to overrule experts, a master class on stretching, plus more habit breaking.

🧊 I grew up icing various aches and injuries, but the consensus has changed. Don’t ice injuries anymore. Inflammation is part of the recovery process. A physical therapist explains the ins and outs of why not to ice and how to recover properly (by Zachary Walston).

🩴 Flip flops! The advice on icing was wrong all these years? Experts change their advice all the time and we should embrace these moments. But I know it also breaks the fantasy that experts know what…

Issue #6: resilience, free coaching, flow states, boredom,

Related to the quote: be non-consensus right.

🙋 What is the most helpful newsletter that you read? It could be any newsletter that helps you be a better, more successful person. Just respond to this issue, and I’ll share back out the best of them on Wednesday.

👓 I only read two newsletters right now, and I want to read more. One is Jason Shen’s Cultivating Resilience. It’s very focused and useful.

And the other newsletter is Edith Zimmerman’s…

Issue #5: self acceptance, free coaching, giving up alcohol, more habit breaking.

In today’s issue:

  • A success story
  • Tim Ferriss and Brené Brown on self acceptance
  • Talk to a coach (me) for free
  • Breaking an alcohol habit
  • The next exercise in my habit breaking sequence.
Response from a subscriber to the 90% failure newsletter

🎙️ A big topic in this podcast episode with Tim Ferriss and Brené Brown is the perceived tension between self-acceptance and striving. Accepting yourself actually helps you perform better.

🤔 If you read things literally, then, yes, self-acceptance and self-improvement seem to be at odds. The path out…

Issue #4: Delegation as path to wealth, the truth about success rates, more habit breaking.

We’re only at issue #4 and I’m already quoting myself 🤦‍♂️. But you’ll see that the quote is inspired by someone else’s work.

The quote means there are no quick fixes. But also that you are capable of making massive life changes. It’s work, but it’s worth it. And if it were easy, everyone would do it.

— -

In today’s issue:

  • Delegation as a super power for wealth and career.
  • Feeling good about success and not too bad about failure.
  • Free writing as an alternative to…

Issue #3: Seinfeld’s productivity method, truth-y advice, Todoist, more habit breaking.

This is day three of my daily experiment to share with you the most interesting and powerful advice from around the world. I’m mainly sending this as a newsletter through revue and then cross posting here on Medium. If you’d like to get these in your email sign up on Revue.

Also, if you like these newsletters, please share with a friend. If you have a tip you think other people should know about, respond and let me know.

Issue #2. Habit breaking, replacement habits, Hedonic Return

Despite that quote, any habit can be broken if you have the right strategy ⛏️.

In other words, you can stop triggering bad…

Issue #1. A few nuggets to explore your own potential…

I want to try something new — a most weekdays daily burst of inspiration, insight and practical work that you can use to explore your own potential.

To start, I have a lot to offer you on breaking habits. If you’re only vaguely familiar with me — the thing I do that is rare is that I collect success stories from a lot of places. Millions of people have changed habits with my habit tracker at, the habit coaches I trained at, …

Results and notes on our recent reader survey

pie chart showing results of the question “Do you subscribe to Medium’s $5 membership program?”
pie chart showing results of the question “Do you subscribe to Medium’s $5 membership program?”
55% of Better Programming readers are happy Medium subscribers

Quick story about why I care about Medium’s subscription succeeding (aside from the natural bias of being someone who makes money here).

Paid content is an important part of the programming ecosystem because money can be used to manufacture quality. That’s my hope for Medium. I think they are the most credible company trying to transform money into quality information for programmers.

Huge caveat: Medium is a general platform covering thousands of topics. I just happen to be talking about one narrow slice of it, programming. Programmers who subscribe are also subscribing for the non-programming articles, and on the flip…

Hello Better Programming readers,

Would you mind taking this quick survey about Medium’s subscription? It should take less than three minutes.

I’m one of the editors for Better Programming. We’re one of Medium’s first partner publications in the programming space. That means we do have a big say in how Medium invests in articles for programmers. I’d like to encourage Medium to invest more, a lot more. And to do that, I’d like to hear from you.

Then I’ll summarize your feedback, post it here, and pass it along to Medium.

I did a mini-tour to drop in on YouTube channels run by Medium writers and I’m glad I did.

First Sinem Günel for this interview and then Anangsha Alammyan for this interview.

The first thing that happened is that I started getting some Link Love here on Medium. That’s an old term for when one blogger references another blogger. People are referencing me in their writing using Medium’s @ feature, like I did above with Sinem and Anangsha.

A link love culture is probably the number one change that I want to see on Medium. I want to see a…

Coach Tony

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