I need help.

I do recommend for people to practice saying the words, “I need help,” in front of the mirror while maintaining eye contact with yourself and seeing how that feels for you.
~ from Starting a Conversation about Mental Health, with Adriana Alejandre (episode 9 of Joy of Challenge podcast)

The best thing I did in the pandemic was to ask Sarah for help. I said, “I’m really unhappy and I need help.” And so we talked it out and decided on a plan and that plan kept me steady until we got vaccinated 12 months later. At…

I have a personal battle which is that small changes in inflammation show up in my calf muscles. If I have even a little inflammation my calves are very tight and that is when I am most likely to get muscle injuries.

One reader reacted to yesterday’s cryotherapy post with an alternative:

One extremely difficult (for most) and powerful approach to reducing inflammation is to eliminate most sweets.

I completely agree. Knocking out sugar makes a massive difference for me (see How to begin a sugar free life).

Dan “Nitro” Clark wrote in after 150 cryotherapy sessions

After 150 cryotherapy…

We’re not just limited by technology but by our ideas and our experimentation and how quickly we can try things. ~ Tim Sweeney

Gretchen Rubin tried cryotherapy.

Here’s her take on the experience (good for anyone who is unsure), but she’s unsure of the benefits. Here’s a deep dive that we published on possible anti-inflammatory benefits. I’m pretty sensitive to any inflammation in my body and can feel day-to-day fluctuations based on how tight my calves are (longer story there). So I’m probably a good candidate to at least try this.

If you’ve tried cryotherapy, please tell me what your…

Two quotes from an article I loved.

I’d begun to process everything through the head while silencing the heart — and truthfully, I didn’t even notice. I just thought I was maturing, improving my emotional regulation.


If I hadn’t left my job to sit still for a while, I wouldn’t have realized how much I relied on it to validate my existence, to tell people who I am and why I’m allowed to be here

Those are both from Stephanie Georgopulos’s personal essay about taking a break. Stephanie played a big role in Medium and I worked with her…

I’ll be sticking to “TikTok Tuesday” in the newsletter because I like mining their videos for ideas and inspiration. Today is all exercise and mobility. I’ll trust you to “exercise” some judgment about what is safe for you to do.

The benefit I see to these videos is that they help get me out of exercise ruts. I love to exercise, but I easily get stuck doing the same workouts over and over. …

🧠 It’s a strong move to change your mind

“If I’ve learned anything from beliefs, it’s that I could be totally wrong. And so could you… We should never be sure of anything we think.”

That’s. a great quote Andrew Gold in the most recent Joy of Challenge episode. Honesty, humility and joy are so crucial to performance. I’m so happy to be supporting the creation of this podcast.

🤯 Falsification mindset

The better you are at changing your mind the faster you learn and the less likely you are to make tragic mental mistakes. A key tactic/strategy is to…

🌴 Remote work resorts

We are in a wild pendulum from very little remote work, to all remote during the pandemic, to more-people-than-you-would-expect demanding to stay remote, to realizing that something is missing when you are remote this long.

The remote working resort is a purpose-built destination at the intersection of hostel social interactivity, WeWork office environments and equipment, resort amenities, and vacation-like destinations, space, and privacy.
~ Richie Crowley’s This Is What Remote Work Resorts Might Look Like

I love being remote. But I miss my coworkers. I had a key coworker join and leave without ever meeting me…

⚖ ️I’m culturally wired to think quantity is good and forget that quality is better.

🛌 For the vast majority of people, a full night’s sleep is a major component of happiness. It’s very unlikely that you have the gene for short-sleep, meaning you need 6 or fewer hours per night.

So file away this idea under quality is better than quantity. You will be happier and more productive if you prioritize sleep even if that means you are only awake for 16 hours in a day rather than 18.

📺 You do that you say? Or you don’t really…

🏋️ Unilateral exercises

Unilateral exercises (those that work one side of the body at a time) are some of the best ways to build a stronger body because they tend to engage the deeper muscles of the core to resist rotation, and because they reveal strength imbalances (i.e. when one side of the body is stronger than the other) — and provide a way to correct them.

From One Move to Build Muscle, Correct Imbalances, and Improve Grip Strength by Anna Maltby. …

More TikToks because I think they can speak to you in a different way than just spitting facts. Learning and behavior change is actually more emotional than it is rational. So don’t be afraid to lean into something that hits you emotionally.

🪙 Filed under “Penny wise, pound foolish.”

The reality of what it means when you found a guy to do it cheaper.

I’m midway through a renovation on a house and a lot of the cost savings ended up being extremely expensive. (All good in the end though.)

🥃 Filed under “glass half empty communication.”

You didn’t take…

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