I’m going to try to do this gift guide a little bit differently than other gift guides by tying some counterintuitive recommendations into what I know about behavior design.

Your watch is a tool, not your boss.

I’m generally opposed to the Apple Watch because it does too many things and a lot of those things are designed…

I’m always collecting applied knowledge because that’s where the gems are. I suppose that’s a coach’s bias — I want to hear what actually worked, not what theoretically works. So today I’m sharing some gems from reader responses and other real-world sources.

A tip on journaling prompts:

There are a few prompts I use daily…

Some swear words in a few of today’s “TikTok Tuesday” in case you are listening at work.

Quote about being present.

Process life as it is, not as you want it to be.

Positive self-talk.

There is a popular meme on TikTok that is also a catchy earworm that you can use for positive self-talk. This…

That quote in the headline just struck me as relevant as we hunker down again for another COVID wave and are debating how to spend our money during the holidays.

Question to lead off the week.

What gifts are you asking for or recommending in the category of improving fitness, health, happiness, productivity or impact?


I was thinking about chosen family as I wrote yesterday’s newsletter about the role of social connection and longevity. There’s an official definition of chosen family, often driven by alienation from your family of origin.

And then there’s just the looser definition of expanding your family to include life long…

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