CEO of Medium but I used to be called Coach Tony and so I'm trying to square the two.

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I'm serious about helping people achieve their goals. That's the one theme that I work on but there are many projects that relate to it.

I see Medium that way. You come here, you are entertained, hopefully you find something that makes you smarter. But my favorite situations go a bit deeper. You come here to learn a profession or to get better at your profession or to get healthier or to grow a business or to somehow level yourself up. We serve all readers, but I'm happiest when we serve readers with big goals.

My work history does start with publishing. I used to run the online side of O'Reilly Media and even wrote a small book for them.

More recently, i.e. before Medium, I've been involved in self-improvement products.

I helped start the . Almost all the habit tracking apps available now borrow from our design. But of course, we also had borrowed our design from other places: game designers and behavior researchers. My only regret is that we called it a habit tracker and not a habit builder.

Now that "habit builder" is a feature within a coaching platform, . We pioneered coaching over text messaging, invented habit coaching, teach an excellent , , and .

Here on Medium, I am the founder of two publications focused on leveling you up. covers personal growth and covers growing the impact of your work.

I also write occasionally. I'm best known for this post on . It's now well over 2 million page views. People seemed to find the length and absurd detail to be helpful. But I also want people to see the post as a warning about how far technology has diverged from being helpful productivity tools. That's why it took such a long post to explain how to optimize something as simple as your phone.

My next most influential post is about a technique I invented for bringing extreme mindfulness to your work, . It's been covered by and is popular with the networked thought crowd (i.e. Roam Research, Obsidian).

Tying this all together, I write a newsletter with tips, inspiration, and insight: .

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