Couple of things:

  • It’s Bilton.
  • The book is good. But the article creates a scandal where there was none.
  • My information is better than Bilton’s. I’m giving you a 1st person account. He’s giving you his best guess based on partisan interviews done years after the fact.
  • The supposed hurt feelings between Ev and Jack have nothing to do with my story. Twitter changed hands from Odeo to Obvious to its own company. During that time, Ev owned the company outright, put Jack into the CEO position and paid his salary. You can’t get much more respect than that.
  • The major flaw with Bilton is that people read the story and see a scandal amongst the founders, when you should be reading it as idealistic people making the best decisions they could for the business. Ev has hired, fired, and rehired Jack into the CEO role. And he was probably right each time. Jack needed to be the first CEO because he carried the vision. And he worked his ass off to fix his weaknesses after he was fired.
  • Re: Noah. Great guy. He contributed. Nobody builds a company by themselves. But also, nobody disputes that Twitter was Jack’s idea. He had sketches that he did before he even joined Odeo. If you don’t think the title founder is sacred then lots of people could claim credit. I was Twitter’s first VP of Engineering then (I would never take credit for this). But if you do think that title is sacred, then the right people got credit. Jack, Ev, Biz. They carried huge loads over the span of years.
  • I gave a longer response to Bilton’s book on Quora.

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