I agree that a lot of people are making knee jerk reactions right now. But I’m pretty sure I’ve done quite a bit more research than other people — and definitely more research than I would expect you to expect.

That research includes interviewing people in government up to the head-of-department level and direct reports to some of these appointments. Plus of course general reading and searching for the facts behind the stories.

Would you feel better if this post was fully sourced? I felt like short and simple would be more effective than a 20 page essay.

Instead of doing a full rewrite, would you be willing to engage in a narrower discussion about just one bit? You pick the bit and I’ll take a shot at proving that that bit goes beyond your characterization as

hyperbolic and not based on any real threat.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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