Editor’s note: I’m the editor who finds personal development articles for Medium Members, and I like to put each of those articles in the context of the overall topic. You can find the full list of articles here.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of quick fixes — most often they are snake oil. But sleep is the exception.

A lot of us are falsely trading good sleep for perceived productivity gains. But sleep depravation can cause as much as a 30% drop in productivity — not to mention that under-sleeping shortens lifespans and flips your emotional experience of the day.

Behind the articles in this collection is an outlook on high performance living that revolves around three strategies:

  • Improve Capacity.
  • Boost Motivation.
  • Increase Ability.

Melissa Chu’s sleep article above is about capacity — by sleeping more you fixing your capacity to do anything. This sort of foundational work gives an immediate boost to any of your goals. So I’m a fan and I think the advice in Melissa’s articles gets right to the heart of one of the places we lose sleep: insomnia.

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