Here’s a pile of articles we published from Niklas Göke on those topics: How to Save 10 Minutes Per Day While Browsing the Web, How to Move Around Your Mac at the Speed of Light, Which Browser Will Make You More Productive, How to Set Up Firefox for Productivity, How to Set Up Your Mac for Focused Work.

Regarding trust, can I give you a framework to explain what you’re saying? We use this term in our style guide called Demonstrated Expertise. It’s section #4.

The point is not to say that any advice is empirically true 100% of the time for 100% of the people. Rather, if the article can show where the author’s expertise is coming from, then the reader is empowered to form their own opinion about trust.

In our opinion, the least trust worthy form of advice is “I read about it somewhere else and am paraphrasing it for you.” You should always be looking to see how the author personally tested it. In my case, on thousands/millions depending on how you look at it. But advice that got tested by just one person on themselves can also be really powerful. We always strive to make the source and scope of that testing clear.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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