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How to Be Enthusiastically and Completely Pro-Hillary

Best candidate of my lifetime.

Politics is adversarial. You don’t say the other guy is the devil and my candidate is a C+. You say your candidate is the best you’ve ever voted for.

In this case, that’s also true.

Yet, somehow, lots of supporters are saying things like:

“While I don’t agree with every position, she’s much better than the other guy.”

Is that how you framed your enthusiasm for Obama? Obama turned out to be one of the most effective presidents ever, even though he was thwarted at every turn by congress.

Hillary is an even better candidate with more progressive policies and a stronger toolbox for getting things done in Washington. The way we articulate our support should reflect that.

I’m going to lay out some talking points and then give some examples of how to rewrite some of the mealy-mouthed support I’m seeing from supporters.

#1. Hillary is Obama with Chops.

Her platform is better than 8 years ago and her experience level is through the roof.

She’s even more revolutionary. We’re going to be saying to half the population, “Yes you can!”

She’s bringing the same progressive agenda but with even more ability to get it done.

#2. Hillary is a Revolution in Leadership

The old way to lead was to be a slick blow hard. That way is dead. Nobody wants a boss yelling braindead gut decisions at them.

Hillary is the revolution.

The Ezra Klein piece describing her leadership super powers is riveting.

In this revolution, the boss still makes decisions — but now they make smart ones because they know how to harness a team of geniuses. That’s what listening is — it’s taking your brains and adding in hundreds of other brains.

This revolution is happening everywhere. Basketball with the Warriors. Startups with basically every CEO at any of the top companies. You can’t fake leadership and succeed anymore.

#3. Hillary has the Highest Integrity of Any Presidential Candidate Ever

We know this because she’s survived wave after wave of phony investigations. Those fakers in Congress haven’t been able to pin anything on her. Not even close.

On top of that, we’ve had a chance to read thousands of her work emails. And those emails proves #2, she’s a post-Machiavellian leader who leads and wins by getting the job done.

So many of us have lost faith in our elected officials because we assume they’re corrupt. She’s the antidote because we actually, finally, got true transparency.

I read her emails and got exactly what I wanted — someone who comes to work to do the job of leading the country.

#4. Hillary is the People’s Champion

Her entire career is helping people and public service. This is Occam’s razor — she’s in public service because her mission is to make the world better. This isn’t rocket science. Her resume is her motivation.

#5. Hillary Wins Wherever She Goes

This is someone who wins no matter what the challenge. Here’s the list of accomplishments and more.

No amount of whining from the dinosaur class has ever tripped her up.

Damn, she’s so bad ass.

#6. Hillary is the Ultimate Campaigner

She’s everything we want from a politician.

Instead of patronizing us she gives us plan after plan after plan. She has a plan for everything.

Instead of offering false promises she gives us a track record. We know how she’ll govern because we’ve watched her.

This is exactly how we want people to campaign.

Wait, you’re a life long progressive and you don’t think you can say these things?


  • She’s no more hawkish than Obama turned out to be. So why is your enthusiasm different? Answer: we all got tricked by the false negative press to be hesitant about giving our support.
  • That thing you’re holding on to is because you don’t trust politicians. But her listening is the uber reason to trust her — we can change her mind when our facts are right. Lots of examples of this.
  • By always backpedaling your support, you’re giving all the press to the other candidate. He doesn’t deserve a single story and you know that.
  • The platform this year is baller: raised minimum wage, reigning in Wall Street, civil rights, debt free college, protecting our troops, etc. Read them all here.
  • She’s thrown in with Elizabeth Warren. Because Congress is going to stonewall her, Hillary’s real influence is going to be in how she staffs the executive branch. This is actually really, really influential and she has Warren and team working on it.

Let me rewrite some things I’ve read recently that have been corrupted by the false planted narrative.

The Clintons are freaking saints compared to this piece of weasel shit


Clinton is a freaking saint. That other shit is a weasel.

OK, she is not my favorite politician, but who in that role perfectly appeals to everyone?


Obama was my favorite politician. Hillary is going to be even better.

Saying you dislike her also and will not vote is not a strategy.


You’ve been told to dislike her. Don’t fall for it. She’s the best candidate of your life time — best progressive policies, best track record, most thorough vetting. Eight years ago we hoped for a gem. This time we know exactly what we’re getting, if we all get out the vote.

Absolutely don’t fall for the “she’s better than the other guy” trap. Don’t even compare them because that puts them in the same category. The difference is not a matter of degree.

Here’s how you can talk about both without accidentally putting them in the same league.

Meanwhile, the other party is disintegrating. Top party leaders are refusing to endorse their candidate. The candidate is already embezzling funds by paying campaign contributions directly to his businesses. The candidate is lurching along based on the support of dinosaur racists while the silent majority of their party watches in horror. And all of this is a huge distraction that’s prevented that party from officially moving away from their failed policies of 2000 to 2008.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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