How to Plan a Company Offsite

Learn based on the best articles on Medium.

Topics Below

  • TLDR; Best Articles.
  • Initial Planning
  • Housing logistics
  • Online retreats
  • Ground rules & codes of conduct
  • Schedule & structure
Best for a full company offsite: 
Team offsite events that even an introvert can love
(Chris Beasley, Automattic)
Runner up (and good for all variants of offsites):
How to design an effective strategy offsite
(Dave Bailey, CEO Coach)
Best for online offsites:
How Coinbase ran its first 100 person online offsite
Runner up for online offsites:
Our annual company retreat turned virtual this year
(Nick Holzherr, CEO of
Best for early stage startups:
How to crush a startup offsite
(Drew Austin, Wade and Wendy)
Best for VC offsites:
Our approach at Foundry Group
(Brad Feld)

Initial planning

Housing logistics

Online retreats.

Ground rules & codes of conduct

Schedule & structure

  1. Setup is the organization, expectation setting and homework that happens before the event.
  2. Connection is the opening of the event where people connect, get to know each other, and bond.
  3. If there is work to be done, follow a brainstorming model with clearly demarcated time for divergent thinking first, followed by convergent thinking after.
  4. Then make commitments.
  5. Then celebrate.

Intros & connections.

Building Your Agenda

Wishlist Topics

  • What expectations to set around alcohol.
  • Real world budget breakdowns
  • Experiences using an agency to plan your offsite.
  • Reviews of locations like AutoCamp.
  • More on goal setting and ROI



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