I cut and paste the referrers at the bottom. And here are my notes:

  • 39k total views so far.
  • 11,800 referrals came from Flipboard over a 48 hour period. It’s interesting to me that the generic boards (Mindfulness) roll up popular posts from individual boards but that individual boards never pull in posts from the generic boards (hence, there’s no long tail from Flipboard).
  • Your question is how much traffic comes from Medium. I’d say almost everything after Flipboard. Medium is represented in a bunch of ways below that don’t explicitly say Medium.
  • I’m pretty sure the email, IM, direct number is actually heavily Medium influenced.
  • The Facebook and Twitter numbers are definitely coming from people sharing directly from Medium.
  • At the bottom, all those individual blogs are actually hosted on Medium and people are clicking on Medium’s next story post. This is actually disappointing and I wish they were marked differently. The Billfold didn’t actually link to me (which would be flattering). (cc: katie zhu)
  • In the list, the only non Flipboard/Medium source is just reddit. Everything else probably has Medium as the originator (for example someone on Medium sharing to their Slack).
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