I don’t think Marx would be particularly proud of me given that I just told you my political views are often motivated by what’s good for my own business.

I have a big heart and am happy to sacrifice for a greater good. But by action I’m a straight up capitalist. I literally just bought and renovated an apartment paid for by playing match maker between coaches and clients and taking a cut for myself. My partner’s contribution came from running a conference for entrepreneurs. And then we were just in Mexico, on vacation, taking advantage of wealth inequality to create a luxurious experience for ourselves.

So, be careful with these labels — they don’t always help understanding.

It sounds like you are outside the world of the left, looking in and trying to make sense of it.

Well, there’s more diversity of reasoning in the left then you are seeing from the outside. Practically all of my political views work for me as both social justice and as self interest. It’s easy to be a self-serving capitalist who votes left. I don’t think mass incarceration is fair — I also don’t like wasting my tax dollars on it. Wealth inequality destroys my potential customer base. Etc.

And when you talk about Leftist consistency, I wonder if you’re glossing over two massive government criticisms that originated on the left, Black Lives Matter and Occupy WallStreet. Hopefully you read that and say, “Oh yeah, I forgot about those.”

What I doubt you’d be able to see though is how viscerally the left feels betrayed by the Iraq war. That war is on GWB, but the Democrats did not put up a good fight even though it was a patently bad idea from the get go.

More than anything though, I would want you to be open to the idea that there is common ground between people who vote left and who vote right. The politicians divide us because it’s good for their business — but for the most part, people with political views are just trying to find the best way forward. The politicians and lobbyists can be polarized, but there’s no reason for the voters to play into that.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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