I like this post for two reasons — the obvious is that it’s an important topic.

The less obvious is that it’s a great example of how to apply for a high level job. You don’t see these types of examples often.

Most people who apply for entry level jobs want to increase their chances of getting the job to 100%. Think about Google engineers for instance — there’s a cottage industry of people helping you prepare for your interviews.

But for a lot of high level jobs, the first requirement is that you have a vision for where to take the role. By definition, the people that are making the hiring decision don’t have that vision — or they wouldn’t be asking you.

In Alex’s post above he laid out a vision for taking the NYT climate coverage deep. Other applicants might be pitching ways to take the climate coverage wide.

The thing though is that Alex could end up the top candidate in the pile of people who want to go deep, but then could still not get the job.

That’s the thing about high level jobs — if they require you to lay out your vision, there’s a good chance that your vision will end up disqualifying you. But it’s a risk you have to take.

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