I’m glad you’re pushing the envelope of my “ends justify the means” justification because it allows me to place some boundaries.

  1. In the most important areas of performance, i.e. diet, there are a diversity of ideas. That allows for choice — you can literally choose the lie that works for you. The government has a monopoly.
  2. For surveillance, the ends haven’t justified the means. We could have spent that money in much better ways.
  3. Surveillance has what I would consider to be a dire downside — the destruction of our democracy. I try to operate in areas of performance that aren’t as dire. I’ll work in diet and a little bit in light addiction because I believe failure happens early giving people a chance to switch to other options. But I won’t take this cavalier experimental approach to cancer.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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