I recommended your post so that other people would see it automatically. However, I do want to state my own alternative opinion on Clinton, which is that she matches one of my models for someone with high integrity.

Almost always when I work with someone who places a high value on integrity they then end up experiencing tension around impact.

Basically, at some point, every high integrity person has to decide whether they are going to define their version of integrity pragmatically to include placing a value on impact or to define their version pedantically to include truth and honesty above all else.

I see Clinton as someone who has devoted her entire life, authentically, to public service. That’s a high integrity move. And she’s clearly chosen the pragmatic path, which includes being good at politics.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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