I run three big pubs here and have been doing a lot of data analysis for our authors and really take issue with that 6% make more than $100 number because it's not a very good indicator of what you will make if your goal is to make money.

It's true (I assume) but it's very misleading.

The issue is that it completely overweights a huge volume of articles that aren't meant to make any money at all. For example, I write a personal blog for 100 subscribers and make a few cents per post. That doesn't say anything about what an author who wants to maximize earnings is going to make.

In Better Programming the average article makes $56 and in Better Marketing the average article makes $27, and in both it's about 13% of articles that make at least $100.

It's not that hard to get into either publication or the many similar publications serving other popular topics here. So I think that these numbers are much more representative.

I'm not sure they change at all the point you're trying to make. I've just had a long standing nit with that stat that Medium puts out and so wanted to put out better numbers. Do with them as you please.

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