I’m always struck by how cultural gun ownership is. In the cities where I have lived, it’s just not part of culture so it’s harder to imagine what exactly is being taken away except for a few mass shootings. Thank you for writing this.

A question, I have, related to the what I highlighted. What is the general feeling of 2nd amendment advocates such as yourself toward the Black Lives Matter movement?

Essentially, that movement was a reaction to police shootings of innocent people (kids, pedestrians, unconvicted suspects in misdemeanor crimes) followed by unconvincing responses from the justice system.

What then are the steps that advocates of the 2nd amendment would recommend that that community take before taking up arms against an oppressive and unjust government? I know this sounds like a troll question — but I’m not assuming that 2nd amendment fans are automatically racist.

So, here, with BLM, you have a community that has made pretty serious claims of unjust treatment over a long period of time without very much positive response (incarceration rates have gone up for instance). I think it’s the most obvious test in America for this idea that an armed civilian population is the last defense against government injustice.

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