Improving our block’s approach to Halloween

[Sent to a Yahoo Group set up for the 100 block of Fort Greene Place in Fort Greene Brooklyn.]

Along the lines of one of the big themes here: I think we could address next year’s Halloween in a way that would make a big difference for the noise, cleanliness and rat issues on this street.

The problems with Halloween are multiple:

  • Invites unnecessary additional foot traffic.
  • That foot traffic goes door to door, ringing all of our doorbells and clogging up the sidewalks.
  • That foot traffic leaves trash.
  • Much of that trash is edible and attracts rats.

Those are the direct problems. Then there are the issues of what we’re contributing to by inviting Halloween on to our block.

  • Teaching a freeloader mindset to children by letting them know they can take a free meal from strangers without giving anything back. Halloween is a cornerstone of the cultural brainwashing that’s turning us into a country of takers instead of makers.
  • Halloween is an advertisement for the sugar-industrial complex, starting with government subsidies, fed by giant “food” conglomerates, and preyed on by bloated “health” companies.

So, by boycotting Halloween we can both make immediate improvements to the quality of life on our street and also lay the groundwork for smaller government.

Here’s what I propose for next year (and I’m happy to take the lead on these).

  • Everyone agrees not to partake in Halloween decorations. The inconsistent decorations this year were a perfect example of how Halloween ruins the charming character of our block.
  • Come Halloween day, we turn off our lights and/or use black out shades to discourage people from coming to our block.
  • Put up signs at both ends of the street saying that this is a Halloween free zone and that freeloaders should go elsewhere (or get jobs).
  • Putting together a petition that we can take to the businesses on Lafayette. I know I’m not the only one who was slowed down by families trying to get candy handouts when I was trying to purchase something.

If people on the block feel like this is too radical and perhaps we could tone it down and just do some sort of block-wide bake sale (on one end). That way we could model for our children the moral value of earning money, while imparting to visiting children a lesson that nothing comes for free.

Really, either approach works for me and would be a huge improvement over the loud, dirty, country-destroying practice that we experienced today.

Your neighbor,


Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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