Lessons Learned From Two Weeks of Living and Working in a Van

Boondocking south of Sedona. Shot with DJI Spark.

The West is Beautiful

You know this. But do you really, really know this?

Boondocking is crazy easy

Boondocking is free camping out in nature, i.e. the boondocks.

Hotspot data is metered differently than cell data

I’m on a Verizon unlimited plan.

I’d rather drive during the day.

At first I thought I’d save all my driving for nighttime so that I could have day light hours for hiking or biking adventures.

VanKeto is the best way to eat.

I’ve mostly been in or near ketosis this trip. That means I cut the carbs in my diet enough that my body shifted over to mostly burning fat.

  • Drop carbs. I’m usually at about 50g/day. I don’t do too much else on the macros. I don’t restrict protein for instance. And this amount of carbs means I can still have blueberries in my protein shake.
  • Fast. I’m not religious, but I do try to stick to a 16:8 fast, where I’m eating just within an 8 hour window.
  • Exercise. This depletes my glucose stores, forcing my body to switch over to fat for energy.
Two keto-friendly meals: blueberry/kale protein shake & sausage/eggs.

The Grand Canyon.

Yeah, it’s cool.

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