Personal Development Articles for Medium Members

I’m keeping a list of all the personal development articles that I’ve published for Medium’s Membership program. Each one comes with a little note from the editor (me) — a little release note putting the article in the bigger context of you mastering all of your goals.

How to Fall Asleep Quickly and Wake Up Ready to Be Productive (May 5)

Sleep is a foundational tactic for managing your capacity to be great. That makes falling asleep and avoiding insomnia key life skills. [editor’s note]

Most Psychology Research Is BS (April 28)

Psychologists are having a hard time replicating famous studies, which has put the whole field in doubt. This piece narrows it down to a single characteristic behind most failed studies. [editor’s note]

How to Manage Your Inner Critic (April 27)

People self-sabotage and getting past that is a key to reaching peak performance. [editor’s note]

How to Use Psychology to Solve the Procrastination Puzzle (April 26)

The first in a multi-part series on beating procrastination comes from the world’s leading academic on the subject. Yes, I know, you’re going to tell me you’ll read it later. But seriously, read it now.

How to Use the Relationship Between Your Body and Bank Account to Your Advantage (April 24)

Research says health and wealth have a pretty clear correlation. These are strategies to build both together. [editor’s note]

Parenting With Social Anxiety (April 21)

How to adjust your strategies based your initial skillset. [editor’s note]

How to Stop Tinkering and Become Someone Who Ships (April 20)

There’s a really specific set of habits that differentiate activity from accomplishment — this author knows through experience. [editor’s note]

The Complete Guide to Developing Your Grit (April 14)

Grit is one of the characteristics that regulate your capacity for achievement. Thankfully, it’s trainable. [editor’s note]

A Practical Guide to Beating Isolation and Becoming a Connected Person (April 12)

Strategies for building your social life — and the reasons this is important in case that isn’t obvious to you. [editor’s note]

Get Happy Like the Danes: A Practical Guide to More Hygge in Your Life (April 6)

Adopting cultural practices that contribute to a happier and more fulfilling life. [editor’s note]

Complete Guide to Remembering What You Read (March 29)

Strategies for learning and remembering. [editor’s note]

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