Political Talking Points for October, 2017

  1. Being political is an act of generosity. You’re taking the time to push for a better world. We should all be political.
  2. Most of your friends haven’t had the time to crystalize their thoughts. So rather than convince the opposition, take the opportunity to convince all the people in your life that haven’t had time to do research yet. You’re doing them a favor while helping to solidify public support for a position.

We should focus on fewer pejoratives for the president

I was really impressed with the NFL rallying around the word “divisive.” They were hyper consistent about it recently, with every statement from an NFL owner using that word along with many players.

Unprepared would be a good second pejorative.

The President isn’t going to stop hiring people who have no experience or stop spending the weekend golfing. He is unprepared and then he plays publicly into that pejorative over and over.

Embezzler would be a third good pejorative.

This one’s trickier because it’s his smallest crime.

I’m interested to know more about better proportional representation

This is one where I’m just not articulate enough to make it my talking point. I’ve certainly read alarming statistics about Republican gerrymandering and voter restriction.

I am a great person

One more presidential one.



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