Political Talking Points for October, 2017

In my “How to Be Political” post, I talked about two things:

  1. Being political is an act of generosity. You’re taking the time to push for a better world. We should all be political.

So, along those lines, I sometimes try to articulate my current talking points. This is me trying to be a good citizen and make the world better. On election day, your vote only counts once. But in between, you can take the initiative to make your research count 10, 100 or even 1,000 times. (So few people take initiative.)

We should focus on fewer pejoratives for the president

I was really impressed with the NFL rallying around the word “divisive.” They were hyper consistent about it recently, with every statement from an NFL owner using that word along with many players.

It’s a nice pejorative for this president because it’s so hard to respond to using his normal mode of attack. He is divisive. And you can basically throw this in his face (or his surrogate’s faces) every time they go on the attack. “Stop being divisive and find a solution.”

The point of the pejoratives is to have a few that stick. Changing pejoratives for the sake of accuracy makes each one less sticky and lessons the sum of their impact.

And I do think getting sticky pejoratives matter. Public opinion is one leg of getting a new president. (Obviously, by focusing my political talking points at friends, I can make assumptions like everyone agreeing we need a new president).

Unprepared would be a good second pejorative.

The President isn’t going to stop hiring people who have no experience or stop spending the weekend golfing. He is unprepared and then he plays publicly into that pejorative over and over.

Embezzler would be a third good pejorative.

This one’s trickier because it’s his smallest crime.

I believe the president is a traitor — that’s his biggest crime. That might sounds like hyperventilating hyperbole to some people, but it just seems like the most straight forward statement in the world to me.

The Russians have bribed him through loans, money laundering and political help and he’s giving them favorable policy in return. Trading US interests to a foreign power for personal gain is treason.

But, the Russia investigation is too tricky and hard to understand. I think Embezzlement is so much simpler.

So, if we need a term to label him a crook, then I think that would be more effective if we got hyper specific. I’d choose Embezzler over Traitor just because it’s simpler and, thus, I think stickier. Again, stickiness is way more important than accuracy or completeness.

When the Secret Service pays to stay at a Trump property, then Trump pockets the money. That’s embezzlement. It happens every weekend.

I would like to see an embezzlement tracker that just tallies up every tax payer dollar that Trump funnels into his own pockets.

You can see that this is a bi-partisan winner of an issue by how fast Tom Price got dumped after news he was taking private jets. Getting the tax payers to pay for a personal charter flight is embezzlement.

I’m interested to know more about better proportional representation

This is one where I’m just not articulate enough to make it my talking point. I’ve certainly read alarming statistics about Republican gerrymandering and voter restriction.

But then when I went to research this, I started with the search, “how big would hillary have won without gerrymandering” and found out the answer was barely or not at all depending.

So that killed my confidence for this topic for October — hopefully I will be able to research and clarify next month. See here and here.

But I definitely lean toward voting reform. Gerrymandering is on its face awful. And given how this country has mass incarceration problems, I lean pretty strongly toward giving all convicted felons their voting rights back (6.1M can’t vote).

Plus, as a former California resident and now New York resident, I wish my vote for president mattered more.

I am a great person

One more presidential one.

I really don’t get why people are dragging their feet around making strong statements against this president.

I’m especially weirded out by how few people in self-improvement have spoken out strongly.

Basically, I think you can split the entire self-improvement industry into people who care most about adding to their mailing list and people who care most about building you into a better human solely on whether they have made a strong statement on this topic.

Here’s me announcing what camp I’m in. The Coach.me website has been going dark for a Minute of Patriotism every day at 7:04pm ET since January 31st.

Obviously, I have other politics, but the above are the ones I’m likely to bring up with someone right now. Hopefully in the future I’ll have fleshed out my “diversity as raise-the-bar strategy,” “rebrand UBI as work grants” and “WTF mass incarceration” talking points.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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