Political Talking Points for June

  1. Being political is an act of generosity. You’re taking the time to push for a better world. We should all be political.
  2. Most of your friends haven’t had the time to crystalize their thoughts. So rather than convince the opposition, take the opportunity to convince all the people in your life that haven’t had time to do research yet. You’re doing them a favor while helping to solidify public support for a position.

Trump has a simple, impeachable scandal that is being ignored until after the mid-terms: embezzlement.

The current Russia scandal is sort of like Benghazi on steroids. There’s a lot of press coverage without knowing what the actual crime is. Although, unlike Benghazi, we can see that there was a coverup and that coverup is itself a crime. There might really be something there and it seems worth following up. But nobody knows for certain what is being covered up. It’s complicated and is going to run for a long time.

Universal Basic Income needs a rebranding.

It’s weird to be so attached to capitalism that you would accept a world with a few mega-rich robot owners and billions of unemployed poor. That’s where we’re headed.

Hillary Clinton, the person, was a fantastic candidate. Your problem was with the institution of Hillary Clinton.

Tons of left-wing partisans bag on Hillary Clinton and they do it in a way that attacks her as a person. Maybe some of that is sexist. Actually, probably a lot is sexist. But it’s not always clear how to make that case to one of your friends about themselves.

Are you sure the resistance is winning?

I’m afraid that people will stop resisting when they see something that they perceive as a win. So, political resistance has stopped the Muslim ban three times in the courts, pressured a few resignations, slowed down a lot of bad policy, started a major investigation. These all seem like wins.

  • Pro Nuclear Power. We should get over ourselves. Oil creates war and coal creates pollution. The downsides of Nuclear are way better.
  • Anti-mass incarceration. It’s bad. The Louisiana government staffs their cafeteria with prisoners (basically slaves) and the US is just throwing so many people in prison needlessly (drugs, bails that people can’t pay).
  • Diversity. It’s fun. Moral. Improves results.



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