[Archived]Request For Personal Development Articles

Updated version here.

I’m actively soliciting articles along the lines below. If you’re interested fill out this form.

#1. Any personal development topic, done better than anyone has done before. I’m actively seeking and interested in diverse viewpoints on diverse topics as long as they can be covered with substance. The style guide outlines what I think that means: independent opinion, cognizant of behavior design, tested by the author, both inspirational and empathic about how to follow advice. The range of topics that deserve this treatment is infinite: go all the way back to 1936 and revisit How to Win Friends and Influence People or go more recent with trends like Pomodoro or Fasting.

#2. I’m actively looking for authors on the following topics.

  • Sleep. If you have an angle that you want to write about, let me know.
  • Habit. I’m going to have an anchor piece, someone like Gretchen Rubin, so I don’t need a generic habit piece. But I would be interested in a deep dive on creating a specific habit, what value people get, where people go wrong, etc.
  • Single-tasking and defending against the information economy. This series is based around the work of Tristan Harris and I need tactical pieces.
  • PEDs for Normal People. The range of PEDs I’m interested in are brain drugs like adderall, steroids like HGH or Testosterone, and micro-dosed psychedelics like LSD. There are a few angles that I think need to be covered. Practical considerations like how to obtain these — I’m pretty sure I’m now at an age where there is a phrase I could tell my doctor that would get me a topical testosterone prescription. I’m suspicious of the types of people promoting these — I really want first-person accounts from people that can already claim to be well-rounded and functional.
  • Anti-sugar. I want to do a series of both tactical and visceral takes on avoiding sugar .This is one where I might actually take a historical piece: Who is the biggest villain in the over-consumption of sugar in the West? How many dead bodies can we attach to their name?
  • Mindfulness cross-over. Meditation is being picked up by hedge-fund managers, military snipers, professional athletes, doctors prescribing pain management and more. I’m looking to do a series covering this cross over and would take an article on any specific niche.
  • Leadership pieces targeting introverts or people who worship at the alter of competence. I’d like to rid the world of people that succeed through bluster and hyperbole and replace them with people who read your article.

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Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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