Something I was thinking about today: my friend’s amazing single-use bathroom.

A lot of my friends are dealing with a massive fire up in the Santa Rosa area of California. I used to live in Santa Rosa, and so, I know lots of people in that area.

All the friends I’ve reached are either out of town or in-town with their car packed to flee. I haven’t heard any that have lost homes. Yet.

But I’m sure I’ll know more than one person who has or is going to lose their home.

A long time ago, a friend of mine told me a story about his home in the Oakland hills. That’s the story I’ve been thinking about today.

When he was younger, he worked a lot of corporate consulting jobs. He made good money and he made a point of spending that money. He always had a fast sports car.

Some of that money went to remodel his house. He was meticulous about the remodel and put special care into the bathroom.

When the remodel finished, he took one evening shower in his new bathroom. As expected, the experience was amazing.

The next day, the Oakland Hills fire hit and burnt his entire house down.

The payoff from his remodel was a single glorious shower.

I’ve been thinking about that story a lot today — why? His story comes up for me as a reminder to be grateful for what we have today.

And, also, as a reminder that possessions don’t have to define our happiness. My friend told this story in the context of how the fire had re-oriented his relationship with material possessions.

Of course, this story won’t do anything for the people who are living through this fire in the moment. But this would.

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