That Odeo period was such a mess of personal dynamics and conflicts. I came to like everyone on the engineering team personally, but I’d be hard pressed to find two that would work well together.

The root issue was probably the lack of comopany success — it’s hard to get on board with a program when there isn’t a program to get on board with.

In any case, the bigger lesson is really important. Loud voices often crowd out good ideas from less loud sources. HBR framed this as hubris vs. competence and made the case that this is one of the dynamics that hurts diversity.

So, I think it’s really notable that Twitter is the result of actively facilitating a process that would generate ideas from all sources. It’s not that our loud voices didn’t have merit — just that they were overrepresented.

This is a fundamental group dynamic, don’t you think?

As to your main point — no I don’t think they are bad people. Even the punch-fantasy guy is at heart well-meaning.

I made an edit based on your note to make clear that the anarchists weren’t threatening to punch anyone. But that was the type of topic I’d routinely hear about in my 1:1s.

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