FAQ About Syndicating to Medium

The Case for Taking Something You’ve Already Written and Republishing It On Medium.com

If you do it right (more below), your article will get more readers and some amount of money. Generally you can expect a few thousand more readers and maybe a hundred or so dollars.

There’s no direct downside. It won’t effect your SEO. You don’t have to give up your copyrights. You don’t have to take your original article down.

This is a common goal and the answer is generally No. Medium does not do very much to help build mailing lists. Although it is technically allowed to make a very meek pitch to readers at the end of your article, our publications disallow it completely because it makes your article look low class.

This is another common goal and the answer is in practice no. There’s a whole host of ways an article can get in trouble this way through Medium’s curation process (more below). Plus, even if you get your links past curation it won’t drive meaningful traffic. Give up on this goal.

Yes, there are people browsing Medium looking to connect with authors. These are low volume, but common enough to be valuable to some people. Coaches who have published popular leadership and management pieces have been approached by potential clients. Very popular pieces have been approached by main stream book editors. Popular engineering management pieces have been approached for VPE or CTO roles.

The one thing you need to understand on Medium is that all articles need the blessing of a human curator in order to get a boost of traffic from Medium’s algorithm.

Without the boost, you’re not getting any value. The most reliable way to be curated is to get your article in one of a handful of partner publications. I run three and if I sent this to you then I’m literally telling you I will 100% curate your articles in one of Better Humans, Better Marketing, Better Programming.

The much less efficient way is to publish yourself and hope one of Medium’s internal curators reads your article and gives it a boost. This is much, much less reliable to the point of almost not being worthwhile. Established authors on Medium sometimes get curated less than 25% of the time.

You need to do two things right away. You need to create an account and then you need to sign up for Medium’s Partner Program. This is so they have your information to pay you.

If you don’t sign up for the Partner Program, your articles won’t be promoted. So do it, even if the money isn’t your primary goal.

Then you need to cut and paste your articles. Most authors will need to do a little bit of style touchups. Medium articles want to have a cover image. And they want headings to be styled with Medium’s formatting rather than merely being bolded (highlight the text and then choose the big T icon). If you don’t do these two things, your article won’t look right and won’t get read.

Remember, this is the easiest way to get curated.

You need to get the publication to add you as an author. I may have already done that for you. If not, create an account and tell the person who runs the publication your username.

Then, there is a three dot (…) menu in the top right of the Medium editor. In that menu is an “Add to Publication” option. If we’ve added you as an author, then you’ll see our publication as an option. We’d very much prefer if the article was still in an unpublished state when you submit it to our pub.

These are the three publications I’m involved with and what each one is looking for:

  • Better Humans. Self-improvement articles, but ONLY if TWO things are true. ONE is that there is a full tutorial on how to follow the steps. TWO is that you were personally involved in testing that tutorial either because it’s a case study on yourself or you ran an academic study or you are a coach/mentor who got other people to try it.
  • Better Marketing. Mostly digital marketing, but basically any advice or tutorial that a marketer, digital marketer or entrepreneur would want to read.
  • Better Programming. Tutorials and advice for programmers and software engineering managers.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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