This is the why bother argument to galactic expansion from humans or other alien life.

The key elements are virtual reality, environmental resources, and the speed of light.

It almost makes sense to go to Mars. That’s just a month of travel and a minimum two year commitment. And you’ll only be 13 minutes offset from the primary human culture on Earth.

But would you give up your entire life to go to another solar system? Or would you go into 100 years of cryogenic sleep only to wake up in a time completely cut off from the dominant society and culture? You’d be forking culture with the crew that goes with you and essentially saying “I’m only going to watch TV and listen to music that these folks feel like producing.”

The alternative, live in a great Virtual Reality with millions and millions of other people. Have all your physical needs cared for by robots. Etc.

If VR keeps getting better, why would anyone bother trying to find a home on another planet?

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