Tinder & Dilution of Experience

Just a few small thoughts about the Tinder CEO & PR person giving a disastrous interview right before an IPO.

What kills me is that there was a PR person in the room. Isn’t it their job to make sure this doesn’t happen? Like, no crazy interviews right before the IPO. That’s startup PR 101. Or is it?

I keep coming back to the idea that both the CEO and PR person represent the normal experience levels for people in their positions.

That interview is the new normal.

I mean — it’s hard to believe that someone doesn’t know what Sodomy means. But other than that…

Maybe neither of them really know that you’re not supposed to be doing crazy interviews right before your company goes public.

And maybe they don’t know that because the people they work for didn’t know how to teach “How-not-to-ruin-the-IPO etiquette”

There are plenty of experienced people in tech. But they’ve been diluted across too many companies.

If this was 2005, Tinder would be crawling with experienced people because there just weren’t very many places to work.

But this is 2015.

There are 589 active non-unicorn YC companies. And 800 startups from 500startups. That’s 2600 founders who might normally be filling the ranks of the tech unicorns that are prepping to IPO.

That’s serious dilution.

And because of that dilution, everyone in the industry is getting to go through the school of hard knocks. We’re getting responsibilities and opportunities that we’re not ready for.

But then some day we’ll start graduating. Until then though, expect plenty of boneheaded interviews.


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