What I’d change about Medium from a Writer’s Perspective

#1. Slightly better stats: Part A.

In the screen shot above, I got a sudden boost of traffic. But to which article and from which source? Sometimes I can spot it based on recommends. But in this case, there is no obvious culprit.

Here’s my idea. Just put a second line in the black mouseover that says: “Top Article: <Title>.”

Design suggestions always sound simple and what I’m glossing over is whether to link that article in the revamped mouseover. If you link to the line item in the stats, you might technically be linking to a line item that hasn’t been rendered yet. Or you might link directly to the view of the article, but then the person still wouldn’t have access to the stats. Honestly — I’m not sure it even matters that much. Don’t link it at all. Just give me some basic information here.

Or if you want to be complete, put out a complete single article stats page that has the graph at the top and referrers at the bottom. Then link to that from both the mouseover and the article page. [Yes, do this. I’m often looking up stats for articles by scrolling down the stats page infinite scroll through several loads of new articles, highlighting the article I want, and then scrolling back up the page to where the graph has changed.]

#2. Slightly better stats: Part B

Most of the following referrers are other Medium publications. But none of the publications explicitly linked to me. Rather, Medium is running my article as a suggested at the bottom of their articles.

It’s fantastic that Medium is promoting my article. But I want that difference labeled in my referrers.

Suggested articles should get rolled up into the existing Medium.com line item or into their own “Medium Suggested Article” line.

And that way, if a writer at The Bold Italic did actually link to me, I’d know.

#3. Move News From My Network higher.

Or at least give me the option. I follow people for a reason. I’d like to see every single post individual authors that I follow post. I’d even take a “17 new” type of prompt.

But Medium has my curated network placed sixth. Too low for me. Everything above it is curated either by a stranger or an algorithm. It’s sort of a slap in the face to my own ability to curate: “You don’t know what you want.”

But I do!

#4. Ability to separate notification types

Here’s my recent notifications:

Do you know which of these notifications mattered? The one where someone was responding to me. That’s lost in a sea of recommends (lucky me).

I’d like the notifications feed to have a filter bar at the top:
[Recommends] [Follows] [Highlights] [Responses] [@Messages] [Submissions]

In my strong opinion, the @ Message feature here doesn’t get used because people don’t remember it exists because we never notice other people using it because we never see the notifications. But next time you write, just type @ followed by tonyst and you’ll get me Tony Stubblebine.

While we’re here, let’s consider treating intra-Medium linking as just a special form of @ messaging. If someone references my article in their article — that’s like one science paper citing another. I definitely want to see those.

Michael Sippey: Can you help me out?

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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