More humble mathematical reasoning coming from a San Francisco news anchor, Frank Summerville

I don’t care that Colin Kaepernick sat down during the National Anthem.
I understand his reasoning.
I like that he stood up for what he believed.
(And I think THAT’S a very important discussion)
But other than that I’m not interested.

I hear both of those stories and all that comes to my mind is that 70 people were shot and killed THIS MONTH alone in Chicago.

70 people.

That’s two people killed every single day in Chicago.
(3rd picture courtesy of Brian Nguyen/Chicago Tribune)

And another 363 were shot and wounded THIS MONTH.
That’s 12 people shot every day in Chicago.

What if Humble Americans for Math and Reason had a Chrome extension that overlayed mathematical reasoning over news articles?

You’d see the headline, “Second-string Football Player Sits For National Anthem.”

Underneath that, you’d see a bubble with stats:

But what fun would that be? This article is about validating your own identity as a patriot. Is there math on that? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any math on that.

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