Why I Went from Bleh to Gung-ho on Hillary Clinton

Following up on my How to Be Political post… here’s how and why I ended up completely gung-ho for Hillary.

I started in the bleh camp, mainly because I thought of Hillary as very centrist, especially when it comes to Wall Street. Now, I’m in the very excited camp. I’m more excited for her than I was for Obama (which is saying a lot).

Let me start with Wall Street.

I almost got put out of business in 2008 by the Wall Street crash even though my business had zero debt and zero ties to the finance industry. So stopping the finance industry from betting the entire US economy is a big issue for me.

But other than that one issue, I had very little direct exposure to Hillary. That’s kind of weird, right, given how famous she is? Because I was never her constituent so everything I heard was second or third hand.

At some level, the never-ending series of accusations must have worn on me. So my starting position was negative.

That changed.

The timeline of getting excited went as follows:

So, where does she rank in the hierarchy of Democratic candidates during my lifetime?


She’s way, way, way better than Dukakis or Mondale or Kerry or her husband. What did any of those people every stand for that mattered?

She knows how to get things done, which is better than Carter. Although, you have to respect Carter’s life’s work.

I would have wanted to see an Al Gore presidency. Climate change matters and it would have been good to lead on that. But we didn’t. So who knows.

And Obama. It was obvious by the way Obama ran his campaign that he was going to be a very competent president. And he has been. He accomplished a ton even with a full-on blockade by the Republican congress.

So, I’d put her in the mix there with Gore and Obama with a chance to be #1 if she keeps going. Her policies are every bit as progressive as Obama’s and her impact as a history maker in the same ballpark.

In short, it would be a HUGE deal to elect her as our next president.

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Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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