Why this article?

This is one of the personal development articles for Medium Members. I’m the person who’s been recruiting authors to write these — and what I want to reinforce with each post is that there’s a bigger picture to these articles as a collection.

A topic that I think gets shorted in personal development is targeting different advice for different people.

For the most part, advice givers create an identity that is so strong that it filters for one particular type of person. For example, I expect the overlap between Tony Robbins fans and Sam Harris fans is pretty low. One has a hyped-up persona that is for people that believe any solution can be solved if you bring enough energy. The other brings a cool, rational approach that is for people who believe that any problem can be solved through insight.

Today’s article is about parenting for people who have a clinical diagnosis of Social Anxiety. I think the article also works for people who self-identify as having social anxiety — meaning generally that they have habits and skills that cause them to behave in an anxious or avoidant way in social situations.

Probably a lot of people identify that way. I know I often say that I started a company in order to have something to say at a cocktail party. There’s a small hint of truth to that.

So, with that targeting in mind — the question I hoped this article would raise and answer is how could you adjust the way you parent and live? It’s not so much that people need to change their nature — more that recognizing your nature there may be times when you feel like going against it.

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