I don’t want to write a “San Francisco is Dead” post. I actually love San Francisco. I grew up in San Francisco. My family is all over the Bay Area. I’ve been to La Taqueria more times than I’ve been to the supermarket.


Coach.me has gone completely virtual. Our last day in our San Francisco office was March 31st.

Our first day in our new virtual office, i.e. Slack, was April 1.

Here’s why:

  • We believe in maker time. Remote is a good way to create tons of maker time.

At a personal level, I’m the only one who took advantage of going remote to move immediately. I switched from SF to NYC. I find NYC to be more social, more diverse, and open later. At a professional level, a lot of the people that I want to collaborate with work in education or publishing here in NYC.


If you’re in NYC, I’d love to connect.

And if you’re somewhere else and looking for a job, I’d love to tell you why this is a great place to work.

Our goal is to create a new dominant format of education. That format is on-demand coaching that delivers personalized training over messaging platforms.

The huge benefit of this format is that we get to marry curriculum and application. This has never been done before — and the results are 100x what you’d get from taking a MOOC or reading a book.

If you stop to think about it — going to college in your teens and then having to remember what you learned in your 30s is a pretty wacky way to get educated. But 99% of education is completely divorced from application in exactly that way.

We have three open job listings, have particular thoughts about diversity, and have an abnormally effective commitment to personal growth (obviously). You’ll like working with us if you think responsibility for outcomes is more exciting than responsibility for headcount.

Human potential busy body. Founded @coachdotme, @bttrHumans, @bttrMarketing. Helped @medium @calm. Current work focus: Habit Coach Certification.

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